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Walla Walla Jail Roster

Yes I know, shitty quality. But the only way to get the video was to capture my screen using a shitty program... here is the original though: http://www.kiro... ,
Death-penalty opponent and former death row inmate Juan Melendez spent a few days in Walla Walla speaking to students and the public at Whitman College and W... ,
In one of the toughest places in the Washington state prison system, the Intensive Management Unit at Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla, staff hav... ,
Washington State Penitentiary, which has a large population of gang-related offenders, has enacted a new strategy to deter and respond to assaults against st... ,
"I'm Another You" by PEACE - Prisoners Educating Against Crime Everywhere STOP TAX WASTE! Bring back state prison farms that were shut down and make the Depa... ,
Walla Walla Community College offers inmates at the Washington State Penitentiary and Coyote Ridge Correctional Institution Walla Walla an Associates of Arts... ,
In 1931, a 12-year-old boy shot and killed the sheriff of Asotin, Washington. The incident stunned the small town and a mob threatened to hang him. Both the ... ,
Three people are flown to area hospitals after a prison riot in Sayre, Oklahoma. ,
Watch Video: Where Are The Guards 2011 Footage Of Jail Brawl Over Inmate Who Killed Another Inmate's Brother! "You ever wonder what happens when a fight brea... ,
Venezuela Prison Riot Kills Dozens Of Inmates Violence broke out at an overcrowded jail after guards announced plans to search cells for illicit weapons, off... ,
Several inmates were injured Thursday after a fight broke out at the state prison in Buckeye. Several inmates were injured Thursday after a fight broke out a... ,
Bucoda is located in the woods of southwestern Washington. Founded as a company town centered on coal mining and lumber, it was also the site of the first te... ,
A Walla Walla police officer was arrested this morning on suspicion of third-degree child molestation for an alleged encounter with an underage girl about fi... ,
Getting a high school diploma is merely a rite of passage for teenagers. For ten inmates at Halawa Prison, it's a chance to turn their lives around. ,
Subscribe to our channel with the most up to date News and we can be Please do not write the words heavy profanity offensive videos is prohibited, thank you ... ,
As many as 300 inmates could be released next month in an attempt to reduce overcrowding in Oklahoma prisons. ,
Top 5 Deadliest Prison Riots. The deadliest and most violent prison riots in the world in this video. These deadly riots took place in violent prisons all ov... ,
A Court of Queen's Bench judge has released a video of a 2010 riot at the Saint John Regional Correctional Centre that caused more than $350000 in damage. T... ,