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Minecraft Tekkit Technic Safe Automated Nuclear Reactor

Just a tutorial on a safe reactor that FREAKEN AUTOMATED! links: ,
The best nuclear reactor that's possible to make, it generates over 1k EU/t and never explodes or overflows. You can use multiple MFSUs if you want because i... ,
First off, this isn't my design, but I've been using it for so long, I can't remember where I first saw it. So don't say, 'Oh its not your design you stole i... ,
This reactor uses ice coolant and nothing else besides uranium within the reactor. Equivalent exchange with redpower is used to pump ice into the reactor to ... , Facebook: Twitter: ,
Here's my version of a massive Nuclear power station in the Technic modpack for Minecraft. It includes a cooling system, an emergency backup system, and can ... ,
This video is about Nuclear Reactors in Tekkit. In this video I answer some simple questions about how to best house & control the reactor. Is obsidian a goo... ,
This is the first installment of my Tekkit series and also my first video on this new channel. In this video I will be showing you a step by step tutorial on... ,
Please like and sub because it really helps me out. Leave any criticism or questions in the comment section and i will try and answer them. Texture pack: Sph... ,
Fully automatic Nuclear Power Plant control system and statistics display. Handles monitoring, fueling and cooling of one or more nuclear reactors. Schematic... ,
This is a tutorial on how to make a basic Tekkit Nuclear Reactor. My first video and please subscribe, like, and comment. Fellow JellyFish ,
I hope this tutorial helps you out. It is for a Industrial Craft nuclear reactor in Feed the Beast. We use the Feed the Beast Ultimate Pack. (Industrial Craf... ,
A little tour through my latest work in my minecraft tekkit multiplayer world. Hope you enjoy! If you guys want any tutorials on what I've shown feel free to... ,
Hey guys! We're doing a kind of Walkthrough through Tekkit highlighting the best parts of it! Go get Tekkit for yourselves with the Technic Pack!: http://www... ,
Here is a basic Snow Ball Maker. You need to find a good power source and build the infinite water pool. Simply add another Compressor and you can create Ice... ,
Subscribe to see more nuclear setups and Tekkit videos! This building tutorial is made to comprehent my 3500EU/t reactor setup. ,
Hier zeige ich euch wie man bei FTB/industrialcraft USW: einen nuclear reactor bauen kann Musik habe ich verwendet Von : Virtual Riot. ,
Ice maker made by me and my friend manuel, basically, uses a snow-golem to extract snowballs and a compressor to make the ice blocks. Also has a redstone loo... ,
This will blow some Minecraft Miners MINDS! This is the safest and most fully automated (without using redpower computers) nuclear power plant you will ever ... ,
I did some research about nuclear generators in Minecraft and I came across the most efficient way to make it, and I wanted to share it with you :) If you li... ,