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Minecraft Tekkit Technic Safe Automated Nuclear Reactor

Just a tutorial on a safe reactor that FREAKEN AUTOMATED! links: ,
The best nuclear reactor that's possible to make, it generates over 1k EU/t and never explodes or overflows. You can use multiple MFSUs if you want because i... ,
First off, this isn't my design, but I've been using it for so long, I can't remember where I first saw it. So don't say, 'Oh its not your design you stole i... ,
This reactor uses ice coolant and nothing else besides uranium within the reactor. Equivalent exchange with redpower is used to pump ice into the reactor to ... , Facebook: Twitter: ,
Here I will show you how to set up a safe and easy to maintain Nuclear Reactor in Tekkit. PS. this is not my design, I just put it into a video to simplify t... ,
Msg or email me if u have any questions regarding the video (please rate coment & subscribe) And btw I will be doing a tekkit series with a good friend of mi... ,
In this tutorial, we create a completely safe Nuclear Reactor. It's 2000EU/t, approximately the equivelent of 4 HV Solar Panels! Recipes: Reinforced Stone - ... ,
Fully automatic Nuclear Power Plant control system and statistics display. Handles monitoring, fueling and cooling of one or more nuclear reactors. Schematic... ,
Here's my version of a massive Nuclear power station in the Technic modpack for Minecraft. It includes a cooling system, an emergency backup system, and can ... ,
I hope this tutorial helps you out. It is for a Industrial Craft nuclear reactor in Feed the Beast. We use the Feed the Beast Ultimate Pack. (Industrial Craf... ,
This tutorial covers how to make an Industrialcraft2 nuclear reactor auto-refill with a coolant, which in this case, is ice. I might be able to make it so it... ,
Minecraft, Tekkit, Technic, World tour with Thaumcraft, & IndustrialCraft nuclear reactors, Industrial Information, etc. Please comment if you have any sugge... ,
This video is about Nuclear Reactors in Tekkit. In this video I answer some simple questions about how to best house & control the reactor. Is obsidian a goo... ,
This is a video that shows my Automated Underground Nuclear Reactor built in the Tekkit mod. It has been a long project, and has proven to be very successful... ,
This is the first installment of my Tekkit series and also my first video on this new channel. In this video I will be showing you a step by step tutorial on... ,
I setup a Fusion Reactor on this Tekkit Tutorial series. I connect the Fusion Reactor to my ME Network so it can auto feed the deuterium cell. At the end of ... ,
This video is made to show you what in my oppinion is the best designe for an IC2 nuclear reactor. This requires no external cooling and can run forever aslo... ,
Hey Guys! Welcome to my tutorial for Nuclear Reactors in the Tekkit Pack! Nuclear reactors are part of the Industrial Craft 2 Mod and can be used to power Bu... ,