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Homebrew 80m 40m Qrp Ssb Transceiver Yc3lsb

Power 7watt if 455 kc keramik filter. ,
RX / TX Mixer TA7358, IF & Demodulator NE612, AF LM386. ,
QSO with Homebrew Qrp ssb Transceiver Power only 7 watt. ,
QRP Transceiver ini hanya sampai exciter saja RF Power Amp unit belum terpasang masih test untuk receiver saja.... hasil cukup lumayan dengan adanya agc. ,
Simple Mono Band 40m Band QRP SSB Transceiver ini power 3 watt final mempergunakan fet IRF530 dan ssb exciter mempergunakan ic TA7358. ,
My new homebrew dual band 80m/40m band qrp Transceiver IC TA7358 Power 10 Watt Final IRF540 .......... ,
A homebuilt ham radio transceiver for the 40m band made from junkbox parts and popular components which are easy to obtain. Simple to repair and cost very li... ,
This is a prototype for a third generation bilateral QRP SSB transceiver. The LO is an Arduino Driven DDS and Surface Mount is employed in many of the stages... ,
Video ini saya buat ketika mengikuti event contest ...... " ORARI HAMFEST 2011 CONTEST " .... tgl. 17 September 2011 Dalam rangka memeriahkan Munas ke IX ORA... ,
EFE-40m SSB QRP 7MHz (40 meter) monoband kit is a NE602-based superheterodyne HF transceiver with AD9833 based DDS VFO. ,
Details on - This is the very first contact I made on a home-brew device! It's a push-pull class C amplifier using a crystal-clocked ... ,
The PANDA-1 is a homebrew single band SSB/CW QRP Rig,design by BD6RA, can work on 40/20/17/10 meter ameture radio band,approx5 watts output. SMD component, P... ,
QRP Homebrew SSB transceiver using bidirectional amplifiers designed by Wes Hayword, W7ZOI and Bob Kopski, K3NHI. Mic amp and 2 watt power amp designed by Da... ,
A demonstration of the receiver in a 40 metre SSB transceiver. The video starts off with CW signals and then moves up the band for SSB. It is a single conver... ,
2012年4月29日のコンテストで、自作送受信機によりQSO。リグの詳細は、ここ。 自作の失敗・やり直し・不手際、等々、悪戦苦闘の記録。JH8SST/7 Contest QSO's on 40m SSB sing home brew eceiver and... ,
Its in the works. I layed out the board with a CAD software program I downloaded from the website of a board house in Colorodo. They made me 5 boards based o... ,
QRP Tranceiver "Under Construction" Receive Test. ,
MST QRP transceiver first probe, testing. Listen: QSO HA7IQ with HA5CT.... ,
This is the first boot of the CPU/Display module for my dual band (40m/20m) QRP SSB transceiver project. The module consists of a bare minimum Arduino board,... ,