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Dds Vfo

40 meter dds vfo using an arduino and ad9850 I gotta give credit where credit is due, I got the code from AD7C (thank you for all the work!) and modified it ... ,
I built a simple VFO for a direct conversion receiver I am putting together. The VFO uses an AD9850 DDS chip to synthesis a nice 1Vp-p sinusoidal wave. I use... ,
Apologies for the less than stable video,mobile footage. The G6LBQ DDS VFO is rock solid and the PCB is very high quality. The tricky part was soldering the ... ,


VFO multi banda con DDS AD9850 e PIC16F628A tratto da uno schema di LU5DJV, il vfo comprende anche un generatore di frequenza campione. ,
DDS-VFO for Drake line or many "Vintage" TRX. Can be used also for Hombrew project, inside Box there is room for RX or TRX prototype. ,
N4LQ constructed the N3ZI DDS-2 VFO to be used as a GP oscillator. I can use this as a signal generator or with any transmitter as a stable VFO or with a rec... ,
Home made DDS Except VFO for KENWOOD TS830S.Very nice solution for frequency stability.Made by DS5TUK,Shin. ,
Prototyp już w pełni działający syntezera do transceivera na pasma krótkofalowe. Pierwsze testy i pomiary na oscyloskopie. Sercem rozwiązania jest atmega 8 s... ,
DDS AD9850 VFO 0-54MHz simples e barato confiram montagem no link Software de VU3CNS modificações de p... ,
This is an experimental homebrew VFO based on the Arduino Duemilanove 328, controlling an AD9850 DDS via a rotary encoder and buttons. The display is a HD447... ,
I used a 16f628 pic and a ad9850 module I bought it in ebay. ,


Bloop. Just a silly add on to my project. Thank you so much for the circuit! ,
This is an update to my last video. A couple of people have asked me for some additional information and requested some changes so I am posting my results. I... ,
N4YG DDS VFO installed in a Drake TR7 by AD3G, Has dual VFO's , split ,dial lock and RIT capability. ,


Testing the completed G6LBQ DDS VFO. ,


My DDS VFO for qrp transceiver on AD9850 kit + PIC16F873 + BF998. ,