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Berger Bullets Reloading Data 7mm

Part of load development is comparing what the paper theory states and how it functions in the field. This is the field test @ 607 Yards. 168gr Berger Huntin... ,
Bullet Seating for the VLD Line of Berger Bullets. ,
In this video I analyze some pressure signs and data from a recent outing where I shot the Berger 82 grain Match bullet. The load data used was gathered from... ,
First shots with my new savage M111 long range hunter 7mm mag. 168 gr. berger vld, millet scope. ,

Berger bullets

testing performance of 168 gr berger VLD hunting bullet out of 7mm rem mag @ 363 yards. ,
Load testing at 100 yards with 185 Berger VLDs - This produced around 1/4 inch groups. We have been very pleased with the Berger bullets to now for several c... , We show you how to get free reloading data through... ,
After practising at various ranges, the client decided to take a goat at 530 yards. For those interested in a hunt or a tutorial hunting trip regarding preci... ,
Savage 7mm rem mag final load developing. Shooting the Berger 168 vld's 3150 fps 72g of Retumbo. Holland muzzle brake. scope Nighforce NXS 5.5-22x50. ,
Berger Bullets Ballistician Bryan Litz reports that Berger has geared up for a huge increase in production capacity. After making 45% more bullets in 2013 th... ,
185 grain BERGER VLD (Very Low Drag) HPBT (Hollow Point Boat Tail) bullet. Ammo made by HSM. This stuff kicks like a mule. Bullet weight seems not to be comp... ,
warning: bad language (sorry). Clients rifle was an M700 Sendero in 7mm Rem mag. Bullet was the 180gr VLD at 2920fps. rifle was accurized prior to the trip- ... ,
Long range shooting with a 7mm Remington Mag. The Gun was built by Hazer at Bison Barrels in Gillette, Wyoming. Targets were shot at 600, 865, and 1113 yards... ,
A short commentary on the 168gr Sierra Match King as a 1000 yard bullet. ,
Bob Beck gives an overview of all the content contained in the new Berger loading manual. ,
Goat taken off pasture with a 300WSM using Barnes TTSX 150gr doing 3150fps. The super slow motion is to show the energy the goat takes and the effect of the ... ,
showing you some new bullets i got. These bergers are great and will shoot great in a 1in7 twist 223 but wont stabalize in a 1in9. ,
I have been hunting deer for five years now with the 130 grain Nosler Accubond bullet for the 270 Winchester (.277 cal). In that time I have taken four deer.... ,