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NALLA BARYA FULL CD 01 -Ibrahim B. ,
Beautiful song by the legendary Eritrean artist, Yemane Barya. ,

Yemane Barya

Yemane Gebremichael aka Barya. , Yemane Gebremichael, better known as Yemane Barya sings an Eritrean love song. ,
Yemane Barya singing to the new Democratic Ethiopia where every nation/tribe live together without discrimination and the succeed popular revolution E.P.R.D.... ,
said fariati. ,
Subscribe now: - Eritrean Music - Yemane Barya - Legend Vol.1 - - (Official Audio Video) - Eritrea. ,
Yemane Ghebremichael (commonly known as Yemane Baria), was a well-known Eritrean songwriter, composer and singer. Not confined to musical pursuits, Yemane wa... ,
Amazing love song written and performed by the great Eritrean, Yemane "Barya" Gebremichael. There is a touch of mystery to the beat. I can't explain it but I... , Yemane Gebremichael, better known as Yemane Barya sings an Eritrean love song titled "gual Hageray", which means "girl of my country" ,
Awuliey Tsilaley is one of my favorite Yemane Barya tracks. I will try to upload the ones I dig, and if any of you got a request, holler, cause I might have ... , Yemane Barya sings a timeless love song called "Neaki Zihabe" (the one who has given you) a reference to her beauty and unique persona... ,
best eritrean song By Dj-soira. ,
Eritrea Patriotic Music - Yemane Barya - 20 sene - Eritrean TV - Add YT Channel: ,
Intro (in Tigrinya): "Lomi aykonen hadish tjemiru sidet." English translation: 'It's not a modern phenomenon, the mass exodus of a people.' That is to say, p... ,